Storage Capabilities not appearing after Installing & configuring the Netapp VASA Provider 1.0


When installing the Netapp VASA provider 1.0 today, I was surprised to find the Storage Capabilities were not being populated (as shown in the screen shot below). As I have installed and configure the Netapp VASA provider numerous times and never had an issue, this was very annoying.



I had completed the configuration of the VASA provider (see below) and successfully registered the provider.


I confirmed the provider was showing up by going to the “Solution providers” in vSphere Client


Then confirming the vendor provider has been registered as per the below.


So after unregistering the provider then uninstalling and re-installing the Netapp VASA Provider software the problem was still not solved.
After a quick Google, much to my surprise I couldn’t find anything on this issue.

It turns out, it was a quite simple “fix” if I can call it that.

For whatever reason I configured the storage system first, then proceeded to complete the other steps.

If your having this issue, you can avoid the problem by configuring the VASA provider (shown below) in this order

1. Configure the username and password for communication with vCenter
2. Configure the vCenter server details and register the provider
3. Register the storage system




Shortly there after the storage capabilities all appeared successfully.


So the above contradicts the official Netapp installation guide for the VASA provider, which states on P11 that you can add storage systems at any time,  but solved my problem.

Hope you found this useful.

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