VMworld 2013 – Lets talk VMware & Nutanix @ booth #1521

I am excited to be attending VMworld this year for the first time as a Nutanix employee and I am also pleased to be part of the amazing team who will be working the stunning Nutanix booth (#1521).

I encourage you all to come visit the Nutanix booth (and not just because its truly a masterpiece) but because I believe we have a great platform for virtualizing with VMware which is both simple and effective for the vast majority of workloads.

I will be on the booth ready, willing and able to discuss your current challenges, and help work out a solution. If Nutanix is not the right solution for you, or is only part of the solution, I will call it out and assist you where ever possible and get you moving in the right direction.

So basically that is free consulting from a VCDX, of which Nutanix has 3!

I am happy to say we have an awesome whiteboard at the booth, and I love white boarding so I am happy to discuss and whiteboard anything from business level right down to detailed architectural/technical considerations.

I especially look forward to meeting some of my Twitter followers who I have conversed with for a long time and have still yet to meet in person, so please swing by and say Hi, or to give me your best “G’day Mate” which seems to be a popular theme this last week.

Bring on VMworld 2013!