Competition Example Architectural Decision Entry 1 – TSM backup configuration for PureFlex environment?

Name: Ash Simpson
Title: Virtualization Architect
Company: IBM
Twitter: @Yipikaye1
Profile: VCP4

Problem Statement

Which is the ideal method for TSM backup for PureFlex environment? LAN free backup or LAN based backup or both?


1. IBM PureFlex hardware is used

2. Physical TSM server exists within PureFlex.

3. External (Virtual) Tape Library available on PureFlex SAN Fabric.


1. Customer has selected PureFlex Infrastructure as hardware platform
2. IBM storage must be used – Storwize V7000 and IBM DS8000
3. ProtecTier VTL available and should be used


1. Flexibility of Choice based on specific application requirements requirements.
2. The configuration to be deployed has the capability to support both.
3. LAN free backup is getting popular option in the industry.
4. LAN free backup negates the need for large backup windows.
5. PureFlex V7000 allows for FlashCopy Manager (FCM)
6. FCM is application aware for many critical Intel workloads such as SQL and Exchange.
7. All Backup I/O is retained within a single PureFlex Chassis

Architectural Decision

Deploy LAN free backup and LAN based backup infrastructure in PureFlex environments with LAN free backup via TSM for VE and FlashCopy Manager as the default. Should a particular application have the requirement for LAN based backup, the infrastructure can support it.

Host the Physical TSM server and an ESXi Host with the TSM for VE server (via affinity rule) in the same Chassis.

For the few servers requiring LAN based backup agents use affinity rules to prefer ESXi hosts in the same PureFlex chassis as the TSM server.


1. Provide LAN based backup only

2. Provide LAN free backup only.


1.Better utilization of network bandwidth in LAN free backup.
2.Improved performance for backup and restore operations is possible in LAN free backup.
3. LAN based backup is still required by certain applications, hence it is recommended to retain this feature.
4. Hosting TSM server in same chassis as proxy/agents prevents North/South network I/O.
5. FlashCopy Manager will reduce backup times by creating application aware snapshots on the storage array.


1. The hardware infrastructure will have to be configured for both LAN free and LAN based backup. For LAN free backup the SAN fabric in PureFlex system will be used for backup environment. The backup server transfers data from its storage directly to the tape device via FC.

2. Fibre Channel ports needs to be dedicated for backup traffic

3. Separate Zones needs to be configured in the Fibre Channel Switch module environment for backup traffic.

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