The VCDX candidates advantage over the panellists.

As the candidate, you submit a VCDX application based on a project you have worked on from start to finish and in most case, lead from a technical/architectural perspective.

You therefore should have:

  • Had Initial discussions with the customer about requirements.
  • Lead or been involved in Design workshops
  • Considered design decisions
  • Documented the detailed design along with implementation & test plans etc
  • Either overseen or been actively involved with implementation

As a result of the above, you have spent many hours, potentially hundreds or thousands of hours depending on the size of the project and you will have intimate knowledge of the design & solution.

On the other hand, VCDX panellists, while they are experts in the field, have been given your application, including the design and a very limited amount of time to review and prepare for the defence.

As a result, the VCDX candidate has a HUGE advantage over the panellists!

So in a defence, who is the expert in the room on the design? The Candidate!

As a result, the candidate should be an expert in the design being presented and answering questions from the panel about the design should not be intimidating.

To all VCDX candidates, understand that you have a major advantage and go defend your design with confidence!

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