How to validate VMware Certifications

It seems of late there is more and more people claiming to be VCDX as well as VCAP when they are not. This to me shows the people have no integrity and I would not want to work with a person who lied about a certification to try and get a job.

Luckily there is an easy way to validate if a person has a certification or not.

For VCDX its super easy, visit and enter the persons First Name, Last Name , VCDX Number or Company and you can quickly find out if they are VCDX or not.

See example below:


Another way is to have the person login to and open their transcript. The transcript shows all VMware certifications including VCA , VCP, VCAP , VCIX and VCDX.

The following shows part of my transcript which shows VCDX, VCAP and VCP certs inc:

  • VMware Certified Design Expert – Cloud
  • VMware Certified Advanced Professional – Cloud Infrastructure Administration
  • VMware Certified Professional – Cloud


You will also see the “Share” button, what this does is allow you to give a URL to a prospective employer or recruiter for them to validate your certification/s.

To use this facility, simply click the “Share” button and you will be prompted with a window similar to the below:


This gives you two options:

1. Share the PDF version of your certificate with anyone by simply copy and pasting the URL.

You will see something similar to this:


2. Share the Certification Authentication form URL and Code and allow anyone to check the current status of your certification.

The following is what you will see when you click the Authentication Form button:


Simply type the random numbers and click Authenticate and you will see something similar to the below:CertFound

Simple as that!

I hope this post helps potential employers and recruiters validate candidates credentials and stamp out this growing trend of people claiming they have VMware certifications (especially VCDX) when they don’t.

7 thoughts on “How to validate VMware Certifications

    • Have a 5 min chat with the person, it’ll become pretty obvious if they are skilled or not. Also for VCAP/VCIX exams which are either lab based or partially lab based (not 100% multiple choice) its not really possible to buy questions/answers, even if the lab scenarios were obtainable the person would still have to complete those tasks in a timely manner so they would still have to be pretty competent to complete the exam in time. For VCDX, a panel of 4 VCDXs spend 2hrs with candidates so you’ll have to be damn unlucky if a validated VCDX isn’t a top performer.

      VCAP/VCIX and VCDX are not typical multiple choice certs like MCSE which suffered from the “paper-MCSE” syndrome due to people cheating.

      • Yep and this is what sets them apart from all the ther certs out there. It took me a very long time to become a dual VCAP5, no way you could do it without having some skills!

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