Jetstress Performance Testing on Nutanix Acropolis Hypervisor (AHV) – Part 1 – The Baseline Test

The following is Part 1 of the Jetstress performance testing on Nutanix Acropolis Hypervisor (AHV) series of videos.

This video shows the following:

  1. Stopping/Starting the NDSF cluster to ensure a fair starting point (No artificial pre warming of cache etc)
  2. The Performance required for 2500 Exchange Users (100 messages / Day with 2 DAG copies) being 732 Jetstress IOPS as per MS Exchange Server role requirements calculator.
  3. The Performance achieved by Jetstress with 8 threads using 8 vDisks (4 for DB, 4 for Logs)

The reason the demonstration is limited to 2500 users is because the Virtual machine compute requirements already is over the maximum recommended RAM for an Exchange 2013/2016 Server (96GB). As such, no additional storage performance is required as compute is more often than not the constraining factor.

For more information see: Peak performance vs Real World – Exchange

Note: This demonstration is not showing the peak performance which can be achieved by Jetstress on Nutanix. In fact it’s running on a ~3 year old NX-3450 with Ivy Bridge processors and Jetstress is tuned (as the video shows) to a low thread count which still achieves >3x the required IOPS for 2500 Exchange users.

Part 1

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