What’s .NEXT 2016 – Self Service Restore

Nutanix is all about making the datacenter infrastructure invisible and that means reducing the users dependancy on the infrastructure administrator/s.

Self service file restores is another step towards this is Nutanix new functionality which allows users to perform self service restores of files without the intervention of the Nutanix administrator.

This feature is also designed for departmental or multi-tenant environments as it restricts access to only the appropriate snapshots for the specific virtual machine.

This functionality comes courtesy of the Nutanix Guest Tools (NGT) which will continue to provide increasing functionality over time, but for now, backup/restores are just a little bit easier and one less thing for infrastructure administrators to worry about.

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New FREE eLearning: VMware vSphere: What’s New [V5.5]

I have always been impressed with the quality and quantity of free eLearning material that VMware provides, and they have just released eLearning: VMware vSphere: What’s New [V5.5]

The course is short and sweet, Self paced and is estimated to last around 1 hour.

The course can be found here – VMware vSphere: What’s New [V5.5]

Below is the official overview from VMware.

Self-Paced (1 Hour)

VMware vSphere® 5.5 introduces many new features and enhancements to further extend the core capabilities of the vSphere platform. This free eLearning will discuss features and capabilities of the vSphere platform,
including vSphere ESXi Hypervisor™, VMware vSphere High Availability (vSphere HA), virtual machines,
VMware vCenter Server™, storage networking and vSphere Big Data Extensions.