My Lab (Part 1)

I thought I would post some details of my current test lab, which for the moment is just an IBM x3850 M2.

Its a 4RU , 4 Way server w/ Intel E7330 CPUs @ 2.40Ghz (non HT)

The server has 64Gb RAM and 3 x 146Gb HDD.

Currently I am using a FusionIO “IODriveII” for Storage. along with the 3 x local 146GB Disks


The idea behind the 4 Way server is to be able to run pretty much any VMware based solution “nested” without degrading performance.

The IBM x3850 M2 is running ESXi 5.0 Release 623860.

I will post further specifics about the lab setup for each test conducted, and the lab will change to suit the required testing.


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