Virtual Machine Performance – CPU Ready

I have had feedback that navigation of my blog to find past posts is difficult, so I am aiming to solve this by creating new sections which will hopefully help with navigation.

This section is dedicated to posts I have written relating to CPU ready.

I am still seeing environments on a regular basis where virtual machines are not being sized appropriated during initial deployment and tools such as vCenter Operations (even where it has been deployed) not being used to optimize performance of virtual machines and vSphere cluster/s.

I have customers buying new hardware, where it is simply not required. The goal of this section is to make sure people get the best return on investment (ROI) out of their hardware and VMware licensing.

CPU Ready

1. VM Right Sizing – An Example of the benefits

2. How Much CPU Ready is OK?

3. Common Mistake – Using CPU Reservations to solve CPU Ready

4. High CPU Ready with Low CPU Utilization

5. More Coming soon

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