6 thoughts on “Data Locality & Read Cache – Why it’s critical for high performance Horizon View environments (Part 2)

  1. Great write up Josh.
    It seems like NOS 3.5.1 and Horizon View 5.3 are arriving at the perfect time. VCAI support from VMware (finally) and Nutanix Shadow Clones is going to be huge in the EUC space.
    Performance just keeps getting better and better!

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  3. Hi Josh. I like the shadow clones feature. Is this feature only good for VMware View replicas or would it work for any solution whose disk is shared read only? I’m thinking Unidesk with it’s layering technology. Their shared image solution has read only layers for boot, OS and application layers. Would shadow clone feature create shadows of each of those layers on every node?

    • Shadow clones detects any read only vdisk (in VMware’s case, a VMDK) and will distribute it to the required nodes, so it will work for any situation where a read only disk is required across multiple nodes.

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