Example Architectural Decision Competition by VMware Press & Josh Odgers


Welcome to the Example Architectural Decision Competition!

VMware Press is conjunction with JoshOdgers.com (CloudXC) wish to announced this competition to find the most innovative and creative virtualization related architectural decisions to real world problems.

All submissions will be posted in this special section of JoshOdgers.com (CloudXC) with the goal to encourage everyone to share their experiences for the benefit of the Virtualization community.

All suitable example architectural decisions submitted to this competition will remain featured on this blog following the competition with credit being given to the author.

The competition will initially run for the next six (6) weeks and depending on the popularity of the competition it may be extended.

The Winner will be announced Fortnightly and will receive a printed copy of the VMware Press title of their choice.

The runner up will receive a voucher for a VMware Press eBook.

You can see the range of books VMware Press offer here.

If any other vendors wish to contribute prizes to this competition please add a comment to this page or contact me via Twitter (@josh_odgers).

The format of all example architectural decisions submissions must be as follows. Any submission without details for the following categories will be ineligible.

Problem Statement

Describe the problem statement or goal of the situation the design decision relates too


1. Assumption 1
2. Assumption 2
3. Assumption 3


1. Constraint 1
2. Constraint 2
3. Constraint 3


1. Motivation 1
2. Motivation 2

Architectural Decision

Details of Architectural Decision


1. Alternative 1
2.  Alternative 2
3.  Alternative 3


1. Justification 1
2. Justification 2
3. Justification 3
4. Justification 4
5. Justification 5


1. Implication 1
2. Implication 2

Example Architectural Decisions can be submitted via the following form.

Note: Limit of 3 submissions per person, per fortnight.

Winners will be announced on this blog and via Twitter on the following dates

October 17th
October 31st
November 14th

Good Luck!