Nutanix Tech Notes for VMware vSphere

I thought I would put together a single page which has links to all the current Nutanix Tech Notes relating to VMware vSphere as well as have a bit of a teaser list of upcoming documents.

This will be a living post, and updated regularly as new documents are released.

Tech Notes

1. Nutanix Storage Configuration for VMware vSphere

2. VMware vSphere Networking on Nutanix

3. VMware High Availability Configuration for Nutanix (Coming soon)

4. VMware Distributed Resource Scheduler on Nutanix (Coming soon)

5. VMware Storage configuration on Nutanix (Coming soon)

6. VMware vSphere Cluster design with Nutanix (Coming soon)

7. Optimal Virtual Machine design with Nutanix (Coming soon)

8. Monster VM design with Nutanix (Coming soon)

7 thoughts on “Nutanix Tech Notes for VMware vSphere

  1. Hi Josh, congratulations on you move, I am interested in reading your Tech notes, with regard to being able to use the information in my lessons may be, I have a Design Workshop delivery this week and will be pointing the delegates to your blog.

    Regards DAvid

  2. Hi Josh,

    The documentation is wonderful and amazing. I am following you and as David said, I let my friends now your postings. Again thank you very much for this article. I’m waiting for the Tech Notes…



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