Dare2Compare Part 2 : HPE/Simplivity’s claim Nutanix snaps take 10x longer

As discussed in Part 1, HPE have been relentless with their #HPEDare2Compare twitter campaign focused on the market leading Nutanix Enterprise Cloud platform.

In part 2 of this series, I will respond to the claim (below) that Nutanix snaps take 10x longer than HPE/SVT with a YouTube demonstration.

The video duration is 2mins and 20 where I show the Nutanix PRISM GUI, the Virtual machine I will be creating a snapshot of as well as showing the VM does not currently have a snapshot to avoid any claims the demonstration was pre-baked.

In summary the video is 100% unedited walk through in real time. The Snapshot is taken at the 0:49-0:50 mark and is completed in less than 1s. The restore of the 38TB VM VM occurs between 1:12-1:16 for a total duration of 4 seconds and the VM is then powered on and fully booted in to OS by the 1:57 mark, for total duration of 41 seconds.

I then tweeted the following which at this time has not received a reply or retraction of the incorrect statement from HPE.

The YouTube video can be viewed below and very much speaks for itself.

Don’t take my word for it, even our Community edition (CE) can perform 2000 clones in 16 mins. Note: This is without any hardware acceleration and hypervisor agnostic!


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